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If you have arrived here seeking sanctity or blessing, then you will have to provide your own cloak and dagger. I only confess to the daily struggle to treat the world with the respect it has earned in my estimation. We all look to the sky and wonder. I feel the whisper of the ages calling and know not what flutter or ripple calls true. My approach is to touch your life in only the manner in which you prefer. As we all must suffer at some time, then I feel we all deserve, also, the right to laugh. My smile is my weapon, and at times my words also I use to defend.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


For 2 months now Blogspot and I could not see eye to eye about posting. We still can't totally since it refuses to let me change the size of my print, but perhaps this will not be an insurmountable obstacle. I have decided to move my blogging to just this blog. The others will remain there with instructions to come to this room of my life. I say this with great confidence even though I haven't attempted this magic feat, yet! I have found that the other blogs have served their purpose. They gave me a creative outlet at a time when I had no hobbies inside my home in the winter months but reading. I needed something to fill my days. I have since adjusted to my "retirement" a little better and have added so many hobbies that I have uncompleted projects everywhere. But that is what my life as a teacher was like in some ways. A child and their learning was an ongoing project, and there was a constant backlog of work to do. I find myself in front of the computer less and less. I have lists and lists of photography, scrapbooking, crocheting, and knitting projects. My list of books that I want to read far exceeds my financial limits. So I am going to just try to keep this one blog updated on a more regular basis. This is providing, of course, that this blog jumps from computer into the swarming ether.

I close(or open-depending where they end up on the post!) with a few pics of the eagle from the front driveway a couple of weeks ago.


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