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Why You Have Come Here

If you have arrived here seeking sanctity or blessing, then you will have to provide your own cloak and dagger. I only confess to the daily struggle to treat the world with the respect it has earned in my estimation. We all look to the sky and wonder. I feel the whisper of the ages calling and know not what flutter or ripple calls true. My approach is to touch your life in only the manner in which you prefer. As we all must suffer at some time, then I feel we all deserve, also, the right to laugh. My smile is my weapon, and at times my words also I use to defend.

Friday, February 13, 2009


~GoldieLoo Woodworks~ said...

I just ran across your blog, I see you are from Salem. I have family there, The Coopers. Love your pictures too. My new digital SLR does the same thing when I use wide angle.Check out my blog to see my ice pictures, not near as nice as yours. ~~Pam in Imboden.

jeanie oliver said...

sorry that I missed this comment-thanks for the nice words-I will check out your blog.

Amanda Sanders said...

wow. Mom was right. The ice made things look like a giant phallus. Creepy.

jeanie oliver said...

Mandy, young lady, you are too young to be using that kind of vocabulary! and I'll have to speak with your mom about her mental images!
love ya