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If you have arrived here seeking sanctity or blessing, then you will have to provide your own cloak and dagger. I only confess to the daily struggle to treat the world with the respect it has earned in my estimation. We all look to the sky and wonder. I feel the whisper of the ages calling and know not what flutter or ripple calls true. My approach is to touch your life in only the manner in which you prefer. As we all must suffer at some time, then I feel we all deserve, also, the right to laugh. My smile is my weapon, and at times my words also I use to defend.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Oh Glory!

Today is a sad day as Reesa won't be here to spend 4 days with us. Sach is very sick with a problem of swelling in his colon. We are headed over there in the middle of the night as soon as Eddy gets off work. Thank goodness it wasn't something horrible as he called and you knew immediately from his voice that it wasn't going to be good. However, as I slowly put all the toys away, some part of my heart cried for the lost opportunity. Oh, well......

1 comment:

*kim* said...

Sorry to hear about Sach!
Loving all your new photos. :)