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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Jeanie Scott Oliver: make-up/wrinkle issue/Men may ignore if they wish!

my love and life extending out to the future-oh the promise in a young being that reveals pieces of us all that leave a molding touch in the clay of her shadows-

make-up/wrinkle issue/Men may ignore if they wish! Or share in the honesty!

I have had a grand total of 10 messages yesterday evening and overnight asking about my pic here. I must confess that the make-up that I wear is ordered and called Purple Lab. The foundation contains a plumper and the cheek blush is called,

"Cheek Implants".

Literally your face will begin to plump.This is NOT a make-up that you can smear on quickly in the car!

I must be very careful to spread it evenly or you will see an area that I missed and it looks like the rest of my face was bee stung. I will admit that the minute that I can get to my cousin, Michelle, I will have my lips done with permanent make-up. She also could do my eye-liner, but I haven't made the dr. okay that yet so close to my eyes.

You smooth it on layer by layer, and there you go! I didn't have any of the lip stuff on by the time of this pic and sharing banana and kisses!

I must never go in the sun again without an SPF of 500 because my skin is rubbing off without proper blood flow. So I am experimenting with artificial tanners on my face-

Also, as we all know , those 20's days of a great tan are now on the canvas of my face!

Another thing, the most important thing for your face would be skin care-for that, I only use Arbonne products.

The dermatologist says that I should also be honest with my friends, and tell them that the real key to my face is the fact that since I rarely leave the homeplace, my face is without make-up for days on end. I may go 10 days or so with only high powered sun screen and moisturizer on my skin.
Truthfully, the chemicals in your make-up age your face, also.

The fact that I have to drink only water, and 2 liters a day or faint is another huge factor. As the drs. point out, my lifestyle that we use to keep me alive also keeps me looking more relaxed.
Stress shows in the face first. Also I must have certain amounts of sleep to counteract the stimulant of the vasoconstrictor.

So I guess I could prescribe POTS Syndrome for you, or you could do what I do without the "no blood in your brain" thingy!

While I'm on a roll, my neurologists are very forthcoming with the effects of stress on your brain. My family works very hard to keep me stress free, and I miss the stress, as I have written before. Some stress means that you matter, that you are needed to get something done.

It is very funny as my therapist says that I create stress to feel normal. Who knew? And who knows how much that info cost me?!

I thnk that I just naturally relax also around children. This is what I know, and children for me are very calming. I have spent over half my life learning all about their actions, brains, responses, etc. So when I am holding my own grandchild, then I just naturally relax.

One last note-Eddy and Sach took over 40 pictures before we came up with one that didn't show my jiggly chin, or wrinkles or , the age marks on the other side of my face.

Now my secrets are revealed to you, and you can go forth knowing that under all the face armour, Jeanie really looks half a century old,(oh, and since it's Lent, and I gave up lying to myself and others) I did whiten my teeth with photoshop!)

Well, just a few more secrets for you as the lady in the photo-you never really give a full-on smile or laugh as that really highlights your face crinkles-I learned this from Jake and Andy. An enigmatic smile will smooth out your face-Look at the Mona Lisa, she hasn't wrinkled in centuries!!

However, I never really think of this when I am playing with the grandgirl, who we think called me,"Mammy"! So hand that camera to someone else once in a while. As my facebook, twitter, and blog friends know, we have maybe 5 pics grand total of me and her.

Che la vostra giornata sia piena di sole e la promessa,

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Hathor said...

Now tell me what's your mom's secret.